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Slum People Biggest Victims Of Rogue Pastors


inside-slum-churchA section of Mathare residents have supported the move by the government to propose regulations for relgious organizations.

The residents say this will stop exploitation of the poor by the people who claim to be men of God.

Notably in almost every society, the poor especially those from the slums  have always fallen victims to rogue pastors who have taken advantage of their desperate state to rob them off of their little hard earned money with the promise of a better future.

Speaking to Ghetto Radio News the residents say some pastors in the slums have even gone to an extent of coercing members to give failure to which they are excommunicated from the church.

“I went to church on the 31st of December to usher in the new year in a local church, the pastor upon noticing new faces in her church thought we were a good catch for extortion. She started sprinkling us with water and having her ushers force us to fall down in an attempt to claim that she was performing miracles over us. This is why i am advocating for the regulations of the churches,” said one resident.

They also allege forced miracles on members.