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Socialite Amber Ray Throws Shade At Jimal In New Relationship Search


Socialite Amber Ray has asked Kenyans interested in dating her to send in their applications.

In a manner seemingly aimed at throwing shade at her ex-boyfriend Jimal Mohamed Amber has stated that applications from men she dated in 2021 are out.

“Those I dated in 2021, your certificates are out. Please come and collect them and 2022 intake is ongoing. Chances are limited,” she stated.

The internet sensation added that she has terrible taste in men adding that the people she has liked need to work on themselves.

“I don’t know who needs to hear this but I have the worst taste in men. If I have ever liked you, please work on yourself,” she stated.

The dramatic relationship between Socialite Amber Ray and business man Jamal Marlow Rohosafi entertained Kenyans the whole of last year as everyone gave their two cents either supporting or condemning the couple.

Amber and Jimal have been in an on and off relationship which now seems to have hit rock bottom as Amber announced she is looking for a romantic partner.


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The news of her search for a new flame only further reveals the growing rift between her and Jimal although it won’t be surprising if the two get back together as they’ve done it in the past.

Amber and Jimal’s relationship was first exposed by blogger Edgar Obare forcing them to come clean to Jimal’s wife Amira.

Netizens quickly reacted accusing Amber Ray of being a husband snatcher having previously been married to another business man, Zaheer Jhanda as his second wife.

Jimal went ahead to marry Amber in an Islam themed wedding further fueling the public uproar as people started to really get invested in their relationship.

Many felt the move was disrespectful to his wife Amira who was against the marriage announcing she would not recognize her as a second wife.

Amira eventually got tired of the drama and announced she was divorcing the businessman late last year leaving the two to continue their never ending drama and public outbursts.