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Socialite Huddah Monroe Speaks on Pregnancy

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Socialite Huddah Monroe has revealed her plans to have a baby.

In a post shared on her Instagram stories, Huddah said her young cousins are having babies giving her the pressure to have one of her own.

The controversial socialite said she does not want to be that aunty who ends up taking care of other people’s kids at events.

“My cousins and my brothers at 19,20, 1 and 22 are just giving birth…with no source of income! I need t give birth asap before i become the old auntie who feeds the whole family. Who wants to nut in me? Its an emergency.” She said

Her post attracted a number of fans who thronged her Instagram asking to impregnate her.

Hours after making the post, Huddah was forced to clear the air because of the many men in her inbox.

The socialite said she was joking about the whole thing and that people need to stop with the many proposals.

“SMH, about having kids was a whole joke. You don’t think I have a list of I can choose from? Lol! Don’t DM on that find a career first.” She said


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