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Socialite Huddah Monroe urges ladies to ‘close shops’


Socialite Huddah Monroe has taken to social media to urge ladies to deny their men conjugal rights.

According to the petite lass, Huddah said the move was mainly inspired by the need to have cheating men held accountable for their actions.

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She siad she had received a direct message from a lady only identified as Caro who was complaining about her man having multiple partners.

“Hey guys so today I got a DM from a chick called Caro who has a boyfriend called Michael. So Michael has been cheating on Caro with multiple women. These men are treating us like pieces of dirt. So guys this is something I have been talking about for the longest time on my social media pages and I think it is high time we hold these people accountable for their actions, There is no way these men will be playing with us. Caro has said she is closing shop and I have also decided I’m closing shop. I am urging every chick out there to close shop and let us see where these men will go. If they can not change, let them go get Samanthas or they go look for Arimis they sort themselves,” said Huddah

The post has since ignited a lot of conversation especially since Huddah has been steering clear of controversy.