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Socialite opens up about being rejected by in-laws over her background


By Annette Amondi

Socialite and businesswoman Bridget Achieng recently opened up about being rejected by her potential mother-in-law over her background.

Bridget revealed that she was fortunate enough to meet a rich foreigner who was open to marrying her but her mother-in-law did not approve as Bridget did not come from the ‘right’ background.

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“I once got a boyfriend and he was from a well-off family. I have been so lucky to get guys who are from well-off families.I went to meet his family and the mum was like so who is your family in Kenya? (Coz I have been dating foreigners a lot.) So who is your family? Who is your mother? My mother is just a tailor, she can make you a gown and you will look so pretty. So how will I tell this woman who is really strong and she has gold all over her hands that I’m a daughter of a nobody? All I can bring to the table is good food, laughter and make your son happy,” she narrated

She went on to narrate how her potential mother in law was not impressed that she was a tailor’s daughter.

“So I told her that my mother is a tailor and she was like ‘you’re a daughter of a tailor? You don’t fit here, my son is a prince so if you gonna fit in you need to come from the same class. You are a good girl, you have all the qualities you are smart but we need more. We don’t know how to bring you back to our county to meet our people, how can we say that say you’re a daughter of a tailor?’ That thing really weighed me down,” she added