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Socialite Risper reveals why she does not post her son on social media

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Kenyan socialite Risper Faith has disappointed her fans after saying that she will never post the face of her son on social media.

Ever since she gave birth to her baby, the socialite has never shared any photo of her son on her social media pages.

According to the business woman, people on the internet troll everyone and she does not want her son to be cyber bullied.

She however added that her son will have the previllage to choose whether she will be on social media once he gets old.

“Social media is a very bad place for kids.Kuna kourtney kardashian alipost mtoto wake then nikasoma post zake kwa shed room watu walikuwa wametrol mtoto and this is just an innocent child. For mimi nikasema sitaweka mtoto wangu kwa social medias much as wewe ni mzazi unaona mtoto wako ako sawa kwa macho ya mtu mwingine ataona tu ni kamtu. So I decided to give him a chance yeye achoose akiwa mkubwa whether anataka kuingia social media ama hapana,” said Risper Faith.

Risper Faith and her husband Brian welcomed their son in December 2018, after getting married in February the same year.


The socialite revealed that she met her husband Brian Njuge on social media after he slid into her instagram DM.

According to the socialite, her husband Brian had texted her on Instagram and asked to meet her over coffee when he came back to Kenya.

Risper said that she saw this as an opportunity and did not want to let it slip away so she gave him her number.

The mother of one said that she failed to do her final examinations so as to go met Brian in Lavington for their date.

She further said that she fell in love with her now-husband Brian at first sight and the two spent the night in her house at Thimbigwa.


By: Emmaline Owuor


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