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Some annoying errands sponsors ask their errand boys to run in bars

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The festive season here. Revelers are set to hit clubs as they party away the year 2020 that has not been nice to many people.

But as people prepare to gobble beer bottles and munch foods in both high and low end restaurants, some people have been advised to work hard and save so as not to turn into errand boys/girls for beer buyers/sponsors.

The idea might have come a bit late but hey, 2021 is still another year they might be put into use.

Here are some of the annoying habits that errand boys run for their sponsors;

  1. Taking the sponsor’s phone for charging at the counter.
  2. Being asked to get the sponsor’s jacket from the car once it gets cold in the bar.
  3. Getting your sponsor a girl from another table.
  4. Pulling the sponsor’s car from the squeezed car parks and driving them home.
  5. Asking for change from the counter and counter checking receipts and change.
  6. Booking rooms for the sponsors and their chips funga.
  7. Providing security for the sponsors and carrying their phones.

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