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Songstress Avril ditches King Kaka’s Kaka Empire


Kenyan songstress Avril has hit the airwaves again with her song ‘Kitoko’ featuring  Congolesece singer L Rice.

The singer had taken a long hiatus from the music scene after giving birth to her son.

After a roller coaster of speculation, the singer has now revealed that she ditched King Kaka’s Kaka Empire.

While on an interview, Avril revealed that she currently works with independent people and not a production house.

“I used to love doing everything on my own but now I have given countless people the opportunity to contribute in my music. When they do some of the things, then I can do my work stress-free and raise my baby well, I am working with J Blessing, Saint P, a lady known as Lisa Akumu and about three songwriters. At time we outsource for music talents from outside to help us with the creative works,” she said