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Sonko Badi rivalry continues to play out as Badi pays salaries of some county employees


Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko and NMS Boss Mohamed Badi rivalry continue to play out despite them calling a truce a few weeks ago.

This is after Badi paid a section of Nairobi County workers leaving out those who are working under functions that had not been surrendered to the National government.

Badi paid the workers despite protests from Sonko who insisted that he had no mandate to do that.

Nairobi County employees have for the past three months gone without salaries following the constant wars between Badi and Sonko.

Some of the employees who spoke to Ghetto radio news stated that the county employees are suffering very much.

“One of us yesterday here, for lack of enough food because we are forced to come to work on empty stomachs,” stated an employee.