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Sonko invades assembly committee session, attacks JamboPay CEO


Nairobi governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko continued with his dramatic week and today he called in the middle of assembly budget committee session contrary to the standing orders  demanding to be given chance by committee chairman Robert Mbatia  to address the Jambo pay bosses led by  CEO Danson Muchemi.

An order that Mbatia granted promptly  then Sonko  went ahead  to request the Jambo pay team to tell the committee why they have been snubbing  his calls to shed lights on daily revenue collections,servers and other transparency  queries.

‘‘Nairobi governor  is asking the committee to allow him ask some questions accross and we are going to allow him to do so,’’ Mbatia stated.

In his conversation Sonko threatened to terminate Jambo Pay contract with the county, accusing the firm for not being tranparent .

‘‘Let them tell the committee why they have not provided us with servers despite us asking them,am not going to allow corruption in this county ,’’ Sonko added.

He  become the first governor on  hansard,  to invade a committee with a call and bash a  witness.

Muchemi however,  defended  Jambo pay  saying they have written several letters to the county pointing what need to be adjusted to boost revenue  but all in vein and at some point county staffs still engage in fund embezzlement.

‘‘We have written so many letters to the governor requesting him to address the issue of non compliance by matatu saccos in parking department till now no responce,’’ claimed  Muchemi.

Other matters that came up is the contract terms  which seems to have been breached by both the county government and Jambo Pay.

Current contract  will expire early next year and it is till not clear if the same will be renewed by the county.