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Sonko, Kiongozi wa Wanyonge



It is only a couple of months when Sonko came under fire for allegedly proclaiming himself president. In his defense statement however, he came out strongly to clarify that he meant it in terms of fame and following. A statement that might be validated through Elizabeth Kavishe’s story and admiration for this man he has never met.

Elizabeth who is a Tanzanian gospel musician claims to have come all the way from Tanzania with the hopes of meeting Sonko and getting him to give his permission for her to use the Senator’s  photos and clips in a song that she has written (Kiongozi wa Wanyonge) , to celebrate the heroic acts of Sonko. Attempts to see him in his office at KICC however hitting a dead wall every time for the two week long  period she was in the country. Someone should have warned her that this is Nairobi and you don’t trust anyone, not even your mother. Desperate to meet Sonko, she was introduced to a local MCA said to be in Sonko’s circles who then promised to call her back with the date for the appointment. That was the last this Tanzanian saw or heard from the MCA, her CD and the three thousand she had parted with for the arrangement of the meeting.