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Sonko Lists Cabinet Secretaries, Governors, MPs Who Have Children With Slayqueens

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Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has given a list of prominent leaders who have run away from their responsibilities as after fathering children with slayqueens.

Sonko’s list is made up of 36 current and former Cabinet Secretaries, four Principle Secretaries, seven governor’s and two presidential candidates.
Sonko’s list also includes, 22 MPs, nine senators, 22 MCAs and at least eight prominent businessmen.
Sonko says he has video, audio and photo evidence to back up his claims.
The governor says his dosier includes a front runner presidential candidate, two governors and two MPS who have had affairs with three different ladies and have refused to take care of the children.
He says in some instances the leaders have issued death threats to the ladies after they refused to abort the children.
He has pledged tohelp the ladies get advocates to compel the said people to take care of their responsibilities.
Sonko launched month launched a campaign to help ladies with children of prominent personalities to take care of their children.
He went as far as issuing a number for the said ladies to launch their complains.


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