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Sonko Locks Horns With President and Mcas Over County Budget


A political  showdown is looming in the city capital  between Nairobi  Governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko ,Nairobi County Assembly  and the Office of the President following governor’s  move to reject the ‘ president’s’ budget referring it  back to the county assembly of Nairobi.

But the MCAs led by Minority Whip Peter Imwatok have  taken issue with the governor saying he is using the budget tactic to delay  Nairobi Metropolitan Services and to paralyse the assembly operations and president’s agenda.

‘’He did this in the other financial year after we passed the supplementary budget but we know he is using it to paralyse the assembly and NMS which in the last  6 months through  Major Badi NMS  has done  a lot … we shall not  allow Sonko to use this assembly as a rubber stamp,’’ he said.

In his memorandum to the assembly Sonko cited illegalities and inconsistencies contained in the  budget that was passed by MCAs on October 8.

“In this regard, the overall budget was increased from Sh 31.43 billion to Sh37.45 billion, a whopping 19.3% increase against the 1% provided for in law,” said Sonko.

He said besides creating a budget deficit of Sh5.9 billion contrary to Section 129 (c) of the Public Finance Management Act, some members made illegal amendments to the original Bill.

The Mcas will now choose whether  to push the  President’s agenda by sticking to the proposals from State House or go the governor’s way.