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Sonko Orders Removal Of Matatus On Three More Streets For Renovation


Three more streets in Nairobi’s Central Business District are set to be revamped in a bid to decongest the city center.

This is after Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko ordered the Roads and Transport Department to transform three more streets in the CBD, after a successful trial on Luthuli Avenue.

The three streets are Banda streets, Accra Lane behind Accra Street and Gedi lane which is within the same range.

“The decongestion plan will go on step by step until we have law and order in the CBD in order to create a conducive business environment for our investors and visitors,” Sonko said.

Sonko has also sent a stern warning to contractors that gettenders from the county against shoddy jobs.

“We will not do the same thing twice. Luthuli has to be in goodcondition for at least 10 years before we start thinking ofrenovations. That means the work should be up to standard. The samegoes for the other streets,” Sonko said.

Roads and Transport Minister Hitan Majevdia has revealed that the Governor has recommended for the immediate upgrade of the three, noting that the process will immensely decongest the city.

“After the successful trial on Luthuli Avenue, the Governor has approved three more streets for immediate upgrade,” said Majevdia.

The County embarked on a decongestion plan, with the first project being transformation of Luthuli Avenue in the CBD into a one-way route. The works are now 90% done and the Governor sill soon officially launch the new look avenue.

“We are almost launching the revamped Luthuli Avenue and the road is now very friendly for pedestrians and cyclists. This is part of Sonko’s plan to decongest the CBD and we want to thank our partners including the UN-Habitat for their tremendous support,” added Majevdia.

Just like Luthuli Avenue, three other projects in the CBD will also see construction of a pedestrian walkway, installation of lights and the painting of road markings.

This means that Matatu’s using the three streets will have to find alternative exit routes out of the CBD. The County will also set up bicycle lanes and specific lanes for people with disability on the upgraded streets and avenues.

According to Majevdia, Accra lane has been misused by touts and rogue matatu drivers.

“More street lighting on this street will make it safe for businesses and pedestrians using it at night,” he added.

The CEC also hailed the improvisation of Air gadget bags that were installed four months ago to help monitor air pollution along Luthuli Avenue. The online air monitoring system according to the CEC has helped reduce air pollution.

The CBD street upgrade projects will cost the county Sh. 24 million with governor Mike Sonko saying that major reforms in the sector are still lined up.

The County Government has also finished upgrade of Moi lane that gives room for 50 new parking slots hence more revenue collections.