Sonko Rescue team chairperson issues public apology after viral video

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Sonko Rescue team chairperson Mathias Owino popularly known as Swaleh has issued a public apology to the police and general public.

This was after Swaleh appeared in a viral video with a young man saying that he has received an AK47 from the man who hails from Mathare area.

In the video, Swaleh says that the young man has decided to turn a new leaf and hand over his illegal firearm.

Swaleh now says his allegations in the video were not true adding that he was under the influence of Alcohol when the video was recorded.

“The video that went viral showing that I had recovered an AK47 from Mathare Chairperson, Gitosh was  not true. I was under the influence of alcohol at the time and none of what I said was true but I was passing the message to the youth all the same. To urge them to return illegal firearms to the government and to let them know that they can do it through me.” He said

Crime buster Hessy wa Dandora has now to Swaleh and the young man to produce the said firearm or the police will be forced to take action.

 Swaleh also apologized to governor Sonko saying that his video created a bad picture for the Sonko Rescue team organization.

“I was drunk after attending a party in Mathare on 1st January. I apologize to the governor for creating a bad picture of his team. I was just trying to be a good youth ambassador.