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Sonko Threatens To Sue Local News Paper Over Article On His Secret Family


SonkoNairobi Senator Mike Sonko is contemplating suing a local tabloid the Nairobian over an article it published alleging that he has a secret family.

An article on last Friday’s  The Nairobian newspaper had a headline reading;- “Revealed: Senator Sonko Secret Family.”

“Flamboyant Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko could be the latest daddy in town.Leaked photos of a rather elated Senator holding a new-born baby and a woman surfaced this week. The two appear happy as they admire the child.It is alleged they have been romantically involved since 2011.The Nairobian has learnt that the mystery woman is the daughter of a sitting politician from Central Kenya.Further, Sonko, who is famous for unhinged political tongue- lashing and spontaneous streaks of philanthropy is alleged to have even built a beautiful house for her…….” read the article.

So in a unseen twist of events,the above article might land the Newspaper into court if anything posted on Senator’s Sonko’s Facebook page is anything to go by.

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Well,in a recent post,the philanthropic Senator of Nairobi county is contemplating suing the newspaper and use the money on charity!!!

He further shares the pic (shared by The Nairobian) plus 3 more others bearing First lady Margaret Kenyatta playing with kids,insinuating that the photo doing round might but one taken during his philanthropical and charity visits to maternity wards or children’s’ ward.

Here is what Sonko said accompanying the photos below;

“Hizi gutter press ziko na maneno. Sijui niwasue juu hii ni doo mingi sana alafu nipeleke doo kwa children’s home. Ati Sonko’s secret family. So what..”He

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