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Sonko Vows To Expose MPs, Civil Servants With Mpango Wa Kandos


Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has asked ladies with secret children of elected leaders and senior civil servants to contact him.

Sonko who blew the whistle on the late Ken Okoth’s child born out of wedlock has given the ladies a number to forward their details with the said leaders for exposure.

The governor has stated that he will help them get DNA tests for the children done before it is too late.

“In fact from today all the great women of this country ukijua kuna MP, Senator, Governor, civil servant, businessman amekuweka ball na akakuruka send your details,” stated Sonko.

Sonko further gave out the 0722886600/0739555555 as the numbers to use in order to contact him.

Sonko’s actions at Okoth memorial service last received a lot of criticism and praise in equal measure.

Some of the leaders who have criticised Sonko include Suba North MP Millie Mabona and Nominated Senator Isaac Mwaura.

Mwaura even accused Sonko of looking for Bonga Points at the funeral.

Okoth’s other woman Ann Thumbi who is also a nominated MCA also received support from a section of social media users saying that the family had to recognise the boy at some point.