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 Sonko’s Administration In Trouble Over Ksh. 162 Million Irregular Garbage Collection Payment


Nairobi City County financial prudence under the leadership of governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko continues to raise eye brows after it emerged that Sonko’s administration paid  irregularly shillings Ksh. 162 million to 11 non pre-qualified  companies collecting garbage in Starehe.

Appearing before PAC committee Nairobi county assembly environment department  officers at City-hall led by the chief officer Mohamed Abdi and director Isaac Muraya failed to avail the payment vouchers for  the Sh 162 Million, the list of the 11 companies and  procurement documents as directed in previous meeting.

PAC Chairman Wilfred Oluoch Odalo was forced to adjourn  today’s grilling after realising the ping pong game between Muraya and Abdi over  vouchers and  procurement documents.

‘‘The chief officer  has failed to avail the payment vouchers,list of  11 companies that benefited from the Ksh. 162 million and work plan,i want to direct  the officers  to appear again on Thursday with these documents together with one Grace Ojiayo.’’

According to auditor general’s  office through  Maurice  Oyoo the money was irregularly paid and this was just a sample.

‘‘Sh. 200  million was used and only Sh 40 million was regularly paid according to the contracts, this means that 80% of the whole garbage budget is affected and overrated.’’

Company of interest in the whole saga is Puka Investment .

In auditor general report 2016/2017 the same Puka Investment was paid more than Sh7.1 million on August 24, 2016 for collection of garbage from CBD.