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Sosuun parts ways with rapper Kenrazy over Toxic in-laws


Kenyan female rapper Sosuun has revealed that she has made the decision to leave her husband fellow rapper Kenrazy.

In a long post shared on Instagram, Sosuun narrated how for the last ten years she has had to persevere toxic inlways.

She revealed that a sister in law has been a thorn in her relationship and for a while it has cost her mental agony.

Sosuun also narrated how her mother who became alcohol dependant over the years has been cited as a reason for her woes with her in-laws.

“Nobody understands the pain a woman carries for years from inlaws who never find you enough. They always find a loophole in their family just because you are a part of it. I have experienced that and I have to act accordingly for the sake of my daughters and for my own mental fitness. You will never be enough to a malicious sister in law.” She wrote in part

She narrated that her in-laws have always judged her because of her humble background and seen her as not enough for her brothers.

She added that she has chosen to walk away from it all for the safety of her daughters and her mental health.

She however added that her relationship with Kenrazy was nothing but the best adding that she chose to leave so that he didn’t have to choose between her and his sisters.

“Saying you haven’t been a good father, my best friend and best dad in the entire world would be a very big lie. I’m sorry I lost my strength through it all. God knows if I’ll ever wish for a man in my next life, I will not ask for anyone more or less of you. I still will pray for a you baiby. You are just perfect the way you are and I made sure that you would never have to pick sides.” She added