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  • South African priests rocks a rather odd haircut for a man of God
  • Karabo Papa is a South African priest who was ordained recently
  • Kenyan women flocked his TikTok account with lots of comments expressing admiration for Karabo

Weeks after Kenyan women flocked South African priest’s TikTok account with thirsty comments, the good looking man of God is back on people’s radar and this time round is because of the haircut he is rocking.

While there is no universal rule governing priests’ hairstyles, as it often depends on individual religious denominations and local customs, and in most cases some religious traditions may encourage modest and traditional hairstyles.

Father Karabo’s badass cut of a wavy line design sitting perfectly on the side of his head has been received with admiration and love from women who are once again praising the priest for his good looks.

Father Karabo with one of his congregants


A closer look at the comment sections of his post rocking the hair cut reveals that the majority of the comments are from Kenyan ladies expressing their deep affection for the priest.

Some Kenyan admirers have gone as far as expressing their willingness to travel to South Africa to attend his church services. Others have jokingly suggested that  Karabo Papa K should be invited to come and bless Kenyan worshippers.

One thing that is clear is how Papa’s dancing and dabbing thrills even the congregants, who have shared multiple videos of him doing what he loves.

We sampled a bunch of comments down below:

Evalyne Kamaa huku Kenya ata kuna father alioa ,… we need you to come and pray for us😂😂😂😂😂

Pauline Ngure the hair cut is dope father babe

Nkii  father babe is ittt😂😂💯

Brey 021 Father babe 😅for life

Carol lisa please visit the Archdiocese of Nairobi father handsome

Martha Tecksy Siricha how can I make this father a father 😂😂😂

Priscilla atlst leo hujatuekea amapiano.this is what we want to see😊.proud catholic

Ladies Dying for Father Karabo’s Love

Karabo Papa K, a recently ordained South African priest, has become an unexpected sensation in Kenya, all thanks to his viral TikTok videos during mass.

His charismatic online presence has not only garnered him new followers from Kenya but has also generated a whirlwind of admiration and love from Kenyan women.

Karabo Papa K, known as @karabopapak on TikTok, has managed to captivate Kenyan audiences with his engaging and relatable content.

Your hair is your crown and glory

The matter of hair grooming is not entirely all about the women.

Hair is certainly very important for men. From the biological importance that hair holds, looking aesthetically pleasing to maintaining their youthfulness and perceived masculinity, hair plays a significant part of any man’s life.

Keeping a well-groomed head of hair for men is as important as it is for women. As the saying goes, “Your hair is your crown and glory” no matter the gender.

The hair, after all, is your best accessory. And for men, a well-kept, thick head of hair brings added good looks to an already good face. To a certain extent, it adds character to your personality and even embodies your identity.





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