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Spat between Millicent Omanga and Boniface Mwangi takes a nasty turn

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Nominated Senator Millicent Omanga and activist Boniface Mwangi on Wednesday lit up twitter with their online spat.

The nasty exchange begun when Millicent Omanga shared a photo of grilled chicken saying Kenyans were comparing her to it.

“Wakenya mtanimaliza. Naskia kuna ‘Omanga special’” she wrote

Mwangi then commented on the post saying “Omanga special means, she is only good for other activities not as a legislator in the senate. You don’t carry a bed sheet (Omanga) to a street fight unless your hidden strength is sleeping. @MillicentOmanga”

An angry Omanga then retorted terming Boniface Mwangi a ‘socialite activist living off the pockets of western sponsors’

“So u socialite activist with a bleached skin living off the pockets of western sponsors & who made money by selling photos of post-election violence victim’s body parts abroad think u can demean me? Seen you carry your wife to streets 2 protest, she is a bed sheet too. Silly boy!” she wrote

Mwangi in turn tweeted: “Your master sponsored post-election violence. I didn’t necessarily sell my pictures, l was doing my job as a photographer. My wife unlike you is her own person. Finally, it’s wrong to call a man who has fathered 3 kids a boy. Bed sheets have no brains, l shall let you be!”

The spat took a nasty turn when Senator Omanga fired back at Mwangi alleging that he cannot prove paternity for his kids.

“You’ve 3 kids, someone is working on the fourth one now and you’ll claim it’s yours yet you’re busy engaging me here when he is busy with your bed sheet. You’re a fool who did his KCSE at 40 years of age and still terribly failed. You can’t hold a candle to me. Bring it on boy!” she tweeted.

To which Boniface Mwangi replied saying “I don’t have three boys. Focus on sucking Sugoi in peace! Trying to reason with a bed sheet is like trying to make water wet, it’s a foolish exercise! Go service your appointing authority, you’re just excess, useless weight in the senate.”

The two later went on to fire cryptic posts at each other with Mwangi reffering to the senator as a ‘pig’ and Omanga referring to him as a fool.


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