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Speculations After Man Mysteriously Drowns At Billionaire’s-Club Pool Party In Kilimani

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Speculation is high over what exactly may have happened at the B-club’s much publicized rooftop pool party in Nairobi’s Kilimani area after a Caucasian man is alleged to have drowned in the pool.

The internet is going crazy after a video went viral showing the man being rescued from the swimming pool after he passed out.

Many people say that he was electrocuted by a live wire that was left open next to the pool by the event’s set up crew.

The management has however not clarified what exactly may have happened to the man when he jumped into the pool.

Other netizens claim that the said man may just have passed out in the pool after jumping in the pool while intoxicated.

However if science was to take sides, it might prove that the man was not electrocuted otherwise the second man who jumped in to save him may have suffered the same fate since water is a good conductor.

The Billionaire’s club management has however said that the unidentified reveler has since been treated and is now recuperating at home.



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