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  • Spice has revealed that she is set to undergo more surgeries to treat hernia.
  • The news brought anguish to her son making him to cry.
  • The singer underwent an earlier life threatening surgery.

Spice has revealed that she is set to undergo more surgeries to treat another hernia, bigger than the last one.
The singer made the revelation on the episode of Love and Hip Hop stating that it made her son hopeless.
He cried seemingly worried on the health of his mother.

In the episode, Spice breaks the news to her mother and two children.
She explained that she had not updated her family on her impending surgeries to thwart breaking them down.

“So I really wanted to talk to you guys about something I haven’t been open about. They may have to open me back up and do multiple surgeries but I didn’t want you guys to get worried about it” She said.

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Her mother seemed much stronger as she not only absorbed the news but also encouraged her.
“God will carry you through” She sighed.
However, her oldest son was taken aback with the news as he shed tears.
“So you have to go through that again” He quipped amid sobs.

Went to a coma

In yet another clip, Spice shares that her son was emotionally affected with the news of her in a coma.
He had read the information from an online publication.

After her recovery, Spice is on record saying that she suffered a heart attack, died and was resuscitated.
In another clip, Spice informs her children that she has two hernias and won’t hide it from them.

Her teary daughter hugs her while coming to terms with her mother’s medical condition.
The Go down deh singer further discloses that she has two hernias which requires surgery.

She goes ahead to assure her family that she will be alright after the surgical process.

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