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Spice up your love this Valentines


Feb 14th commonly referred to as Valentines is a very special day for lovers (however others claim you should love and show her/him you mean it all year long) It’s a day where couples shower their respective partners with gifts and travel for romantic gateways.

Men have however complained that women rarely do something for them, and have left the entire hustle to them.  Women lets spice up our love this valentines, you don’t have to spend much but in very simple ways you can make your man feel appreciated.

Here are some of the simple things you can do, and I bet he will really appreciate.

Stay In Bed all day

If all of you can have a day off and just be home watch your favorite movie together it will not only be a great cheap idea but it will also help both of you relax.

Give Him a Full massage

This will be a perfect idea, just be with your man and give him a full body massage  this will help him have a peaceful time and just ponder on the love He has for you.

Prepare his favorite meal

Remember that meal you prepared when He would visit you while you were in the courtship phase? Do exactly that during this Valentine and just bring back the old time memories it helps spice up the love.

Re-do your First date

Remember how the first date was? Do you remember what you were dressed in? what you ate? Do exactly that, it will help you two appreciate the strides you have made in your relationship.

Plan for a Get away

It will be a nice idea to maybe just take time off from the daily family hustles and away from the kids and just have some ‘’you’ time. It will be memorable if as the woman just spare  some cash and take your man to a place where you will just have you two and ponder on strengthening your love.


Yes as much as it sounds overrated, there is just something special about making love on the special day of love and have those pillow talk sessions. It’s simply heavenly and no need to mention the health benefits of sex,I bet you all know them.