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Sponsors Aside, Socialites Love For Pet Dogs is Alarming!!!


muWe all have our close relatives or friends who love pets-myself included. I once cried whilst burying a puppy I had loved when I was young. Wasn’t it for my busy work schedule and too much traveling,I’d have kept one even as we talk. Its normal.

We also have those who are obsessed with pets. Vera Sidika is s perfect example.

Her story needs not be repeated, we know how she started, how she lives, how much she travels around the globe except for what she does for a living- and by the way, does anyone care anymore????

Well, as much as Vera feeds her 144,000 followers on Instagram with every move she makes, little is known about her obsession for her two dogs-Princess Coco and Prince Chanel not forgetting the newest addition,one Crystal Sidika.

Just like celebrity parents have Instagram pages for their kids, say Ladasha or Tiffah, Vera Sidika too has two Instagram handles for her kids (the captions refer her to mommy..smh).

As if that ain’t enough, Vera goes for meeting with them, i haven’t even mentioned dressing them.

Sidika isn’t the only girl under this spell though, Wema Sepetu too. The former Tanzanian beauty queen also has two pet dogs namely Bucci and Vannila with whom she just revealed how much she adores them.

The next thing am expecting is Huddah owning a Tiger as a pet. I wont be surprised…..though I know the petite business woman isn’t that petty!

Check out the most loved and pampered pet dogs in town. And by the way,it just hit me that Vera named a dog with her own very name!!! “U-coast utammaliza huyu bibiye aisee”;

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