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Sports tribunal quash AFC Leopards Sponsorships


tribunalSports tribunal has nullified sponsorship agreement between AFC Leopards interim management committee and betting companies Sportpesa and Betway.

The tribunal said , during a ruling in Nairobi yesterday, that both deals were null and void since the tribunal board never sanctioned them.

“According to the agreement we made here on December 22, 2015, all decisions made in the club had to be sanctioned by us for approval,” explained Sports tribunal chairman John Ohaga.

Ohaga said it was unfortunate that the Daniel Mule and Peter Lichungu-led faction went ahead to sign a sponsorship deal with SportPesa on January 26, 2016.

Likewise, the Mathew Opworah and Maurice Osundwa led faction went ahead to sign another deal with Betway a day later.

“In both cases, the factions had not agreed, but went ahead to sign their deals without engaging the tribunal.

Therefore, the tribunal has declared both deals invalid in accordance with the powers bestowed on us and the agreement made with both parties on December 22,” Ohaga said.

The tribunal gave both factions time to reconcile and come up with an agreement on one sponsor and failure to do so the tribunal will be forced to decide which deal is best suited for the club.
“We have talked to the betting firms and both sides have stood their ground that each side signed a valid deal with AFC Leopards.

They have threatened to go to court but I can tell them openly that they still would be referred back to the tribunal for the final decision making.”
“If the factions cannot agree on one sponsor then we are left with no option but to analyse, re-examine and decide on which sponsorship is best for the club since we are mandated to do so,” said Ohaga.

SportPesa sponsorship translates to Sh30million per year for five years with annual increment of five per cent while Betway deal is worth Sh30million per year for three years with an annual increment of 10 per cent.