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Spotlight on Judge Chitembwe following Sonko’s expose

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You might have now seen or heard conversations regarding leaked videos by former Nairobi governor Mike Sonko which were allegedly linking High court Judge Justice Said Chitembwe to bribery.

Judge Chitembwe who has come out to defend himself has been trending on social media with regards to the damning videos released by Sonko showing the Judge trying to compromise a land case.

Chitembwe has in fact come out guns blazing rubbishing the videos by Sonko claiming that the videos had been doctored to paint him in bad light after he made an unfavorable ruling in two petitions that were challenging the nomination and appointment of Nairobi governor Anne Kananu, a ruling he says wasn’t taken well by Sonko.

“It is not a coincidence that the videos are released on the day of Anne Kananu’s swearing in. he was angry the petition did not go through. He is on record asking why I dismissed the case yet I am his uncle,” he said.

 “That man is not my brother he is not my uncle and our parents are not related. However I have known him for over 10 years because we both come from Kwale,” he added while commenting on the man who was identified in Sonko’s leaked videos as his Brother.

Whether the said videos were edited or not it’s a non-issue to me the biggest issue is whether the judge has brought the institution of the judiciary to disrepute and that’s seem to me to be the case. By Justice Chitembwe allowing people to his office or home and discussing matters that were live in court was wrong.

Following this allegations bedeviling the judge I wonder what will the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) will do next..….Chief Justice Martha Koome last week confirmed of being seized of the matter saying that that the JSC will soon meet to discuss a petition which was before them seeking the removal from office of Judge Chitembwe.

“The JSC will meet to deliberate on the issue according to its constitution and statutory set procedures,” she said in a statement with regards to Judge Chitembwe’s case.

“The removal of a Judge may be initiated only by the JSC acting on its own motion or on the petition of any person to the Judicial Service Commission,” she added.

I hope that the JSC will be able to act swiftly in order to tame this kind of allegations from reappearing and In order to restore confidence and the rule of law in the Judiciary.


This is not the first time the Judge is accused of bribery allegations, remember in July this year Justice Chitembwe together with Justice Aggrey Muchelule were arrested by the Directorate of Criminal Investigations DCI at their chambers on allegations of intended bribery. They condemned the arrests terming it as an assault on judicial independence.

Last week Law society of Kenya Nairobi chapter Chairman Eric Theuri gave the JSC 14 days to launch investigation into the bribery allegations failure to which they will boycott Judge Chitembwe’s court.

“There is sufficient material to believe that the said Judge should offer explanations with regards to allegations made in the video,” he said.

“The Judiciary has for the longest term been engaged in a battle to slay the monster of corruption amongst its members and the Allegations made therefore cast a dark cloud over the integrity of the judge,” he added.

Although some lawyers are saying that they will boycott the court to ensure justice is served I am of the view that the move will end up hurting the common Mwananchi , its prudent for the accused Judge to resign instead I mean how will litigants perceive  him after all of these allegations? They will always remember the videos that Sonko shared and wonder why they were still being served by a “corrupt Judge? “





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