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Squatters Land In Athi River Raided Again As Battle For The Parcel Intensifies


Squatters  residing in Athi River Mavoko land which was initially leased by East Africa Portland Cement Company  now want the government to issue them with title deeds saying it will help them fight cartels who have consistently attacked them demolishing their structures.

This  week they were attacked  by a group of individuals believed to enjoy extra powers from higher offices.

“We want to ask the government to come clean over this matter we are ready to co-operate but our interest must be put first because we have stayed here  more than seven years,” their chairman Alphonse Mbatha said.

They have called on the area politicians to hear their plea blaming them for neglect.

“We want to ask our leaders to please help us get titles we can’t continue staying with anxiety and by constant raids,” they added.

A report released by a task-force formed in March 2018 on the state of ownership of land in Mavoko showed that East Africa Portland Cement Company  has been selling portions of the land to individuals and private entities for residential development.

“East Africa Portland Cement Company  had exhausted mining activities on some of their parcels and sold part of the parcels instead of surrendering the land back to the allocating authority,” the report reads.

The task force led by Paul Mwangi recommended that the EAPCC should not dispose of the land once the purpose intended by the lease is exhausted.