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Staff Set To Lose Jobs As Nation Media Group Shuts Down QTV and Nation FM


nation fireNation Media Group will fire some of its employees in a plan aimed at changing it into a “modern 21st century digital content company”.

The media house said in a statement on Thursday that this entails running NTV as its single multi-lingual station and closing down Nation FM, QTV and Rwanda (KFM) .

“Regrettably this will result in a reduction of our workforce through job redundancies,” Nation said, noting the changes are effective June 30.

“We will strive to provide all the necessary support to help them manage through this transition.”

The media house said the changes will be carried out with due respect to employees and in accordance with the law.

Nation said it will keep a live signal and maintain an online presence in line with its digital strategy.

It assured customers that it is committed to providing quality programming.