Starving Kenyan Actor Facing Eviction

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By Steve Osaka

Kenyan Celebrities have pledged to support former Tahidi High actor Kamau Kinuthia famously known as Omosh after a video of him appealing for help went viral.

In the video Omosh begged for any job adding that he will not even mind earning as little as Ksh. 200.

According to Omondi, he has rent arrears and is also unable to feed his children.

“Wacha nikwambie ushawai kaa peke yako kwa barabara unatembea unalia that’s what i do,natokaga kwa nyumba nang’ara na hakuna mahali naenda,natembea tu kwa barabara nikilia,unaangalia hii ni house rent an year sijawai lipa,unaangalia food watoi wanadai sina anything ya kuwapatia,sina job ati naeza enda mahali nkahustle nikaletea watoi food”Said Omosh amid sobs.

Gospel Celebrity couple Guardian Angel and his wife Esther paid a courtesy call to the besieged actor and rallied fans to come out in large numbers and bail him out.

They even went ahead and bought him foodstuffs.

Celebrated media personality Jalang’o has also pledged to use his position by raising a million bob for the Star to rebuild his life.

Some netizens however had no chills for him stating that he had failed to take care of his life through drunkenness and squandered his loot when he married a second wife during his hey days.

The actor admitted to being an alcoholic before but said he had cleaned up after his sister enrolled him in a rehabilitation center for three months.