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  • Hussein revealed that there is a special procedure and protocol that is supposed to be followed on such matters.
  • He said the visit by Suluhu might have been a private affair

The Government has refuted claims made by Azimio la Umoja coalition  leader Raila Odinga that Tanzanian President Samia Suluhu was in the country two weeks ago in order to mediate the impasse between the opposition and the government.

Addressing the media today, State House Spokesperson Hussein Mohammed intimated that if President Suluhu was indeed in the country, she was here on a personal capacity and not in an official mediation role.

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“Every Head of State who visits the country follows the existing established protocols that are always handled by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs,”

he said.

“…. However, this is not to say that a president can or not come to Kenya for a holiday or private business,”

Odinga Revelations

The revelations made by the opposition leader emerged yesterday when he disclosed that President Suluhu had visited Kenya with the intention of facilitating talks between the Kenyan opposition and the government.

Odinga in a press conference with foreign journalists further alleged that President William Ruto, who had invited Suluhu to Kenya for mediation, declined to meet with her to discuss the ongoing protests and the escalating cost of living in the country.

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“The President of Tanzania came here two weeks ago at the invitation of president Ruto to mediate and she was kept waiting,”

Raila revealed.

“She spent two nights here and it was all in vain…other people have tried but he is the one who is resisting so basically knows what he wants,”

The opposition has been demonstrating against the high cost of living, expressing their grievances and demanding swift action from the government to address their concerns.

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