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  • Itumbi reacts as Ngunyi goes ballistic
  • Ngunyi said he had previously misjudged Ruto through a dynasty lens

Political Analyst Mutahi Ngunyi has stirred controversy by alleging that President William Ruto during his tenure as the Deputy President used to use staff toilets at state house Nairobi

Ngunyi in an interview with Nation, claimed that even though Ruto was second in command he opted for the staff toilets instead of using the reserved washroom intended for senior officials in government.

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Ngunyi went on to detail that the chief of staff and head of public service at the time enjoyed a lavishly appointed restroom, complete with a red-carpeted floor and gold-colored taps.

He questioned why Ruto, as the Deputy President, was not given access to these facilities.

Ngunyi, a former insider to President Uhuru Kenyatta’s administration, further expressed his views on Ruto’s surprising rise to the presidency, even without the support of his former boss.

Itumbi calls out Ngunyi

However in a quick rejoinder UDA party blogger Dennis Itumbi who took to twitter challenged Ngunyi’s claims saying statehouse did not possess the opulent features Ngunyi described.

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“Lakini Mutahi Ngunyi is such a LIAR. No wonder he lied to Uhuru Kenyatta effortlessly. State House has no Golden taps wacha Uwongo. On the Washrooms you are LYING too. Anyway, we defeated you despite your lies and 5th Estate. There is space for Facts and truth. Only,”

Itumbi said.

“The Chief of Staff did NOT even have an office in the main building. Only the Head of Public Service. And there was no reserved washroom for him. Uwongo tu Mutahi Ngunyi…these kind of lies have no space hapa,”

Mutahi Ngunyi’s allegations come shortly after he surprised many by switching allegiance from former president Uhuru Kenyatta to president Ruto.

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“Public notice: I have defected to William Ruto. I misjudged him using the dynasty lens. But if the facts change, you must change your mind,”

Ngunyi Tweeted.

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