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Step mother turns four year old boy into house boy

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Relatives of a 10 year old child are appealing to children officers in Kawangware to help them rescue a boy who has been turned into a house boy by the step mother.

Jared Abiero the child’s uncle says the boy who is staying with his father and step mother has not gone to school since 2016.

Abiero says the boy went to school last in 2016 when he was staying with him.

“This boy’s mother and father separated a while ago forcing me to take him under my custody. But after a few years the boy became sick and the father took him and that was the end of his education, ” says Abiero.

Abiero says the 10 year old boy has been turned into a house boy by his step mother while the father and the step mother go to work.

“He is left in the house to take care of the woman’s little child, fetch water, and do other house chores while his agemates are going to school,” said Abiero.

Abiero says efforts to talk to the father to take the boy to school have become futile.

He is now appealing to the area education officers and children officers in the area to quickly intervene and look into the matter.




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