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  • Sterling Sports Inc. presents the Sterling Super Cup Men and Women (seniors) Basketball Championship 2023

Sterling Sports Inc. presents the Sterling Super Cup Men and Women (seniors) Basketball Championship 2023, a groundbreaking initiative that aims to merge the realms of sports, social consciousness, and environmental stewardship

Ariel Okal one of Kenya’s best basketball players and founder of Th3 Swish team from Nakuru which had just been promoted from Division one to the Women’s premier League divulged that the Sterling Super Cup’s timing was of top notch.

“We highly applaud Sterling Sports Inc for organizing the Sterling Super Cup which has come at a good timing for the team since it will help the ladies with their preparations for the forthcoming premier league and as well assist the team to evaluate the team’s strength, weakness and what they need to work on as a team prior to the league’s kick off.”

Slated to take place from August 11th to 13th and then from August 18th to 20th, 2023, at the renowned Nyayo Basketball Gymnasium indoor arena, this esteemed championship is set to redefine the landscape of basketball tournaments by shining a spotlight on cancer awareness and climate action.

Brian Mboya, one of the lead organizers of the event, emphasizes the tournament’s commitment to making a difference beyond the court. “The Sterling Super Cup Challenge is a conduit for meaningful impact. Through this tournament, we aim to raise awareness about cancer and advocate for climate action, highlighting the transformative power of sports.”

Throughout the championship, a series of special events and initiatives will underscore the significance of early cancer detection, education, and the crucial role of support systems for patients and survivors.

This year, the Sterling Super Cup Challenge undertakes a dual mission, firmly committed to expressing solidarity with those impacted by cancer, conveying a potent message of perseverance and optimism to individuals and communities alike.

Through the championship, a legacy is being forged, one that intertwines exceptional basketball action, cancer awareness, and a commitment to climate action.

Job Waka, the CEO of Sterling Sports Inc., invites fans and enthusiasts worldwide to partake in this momentous event. “Join us in celebrating the pinnacle of basketball talent, championing the cause of cancer awareness, and propelling forward in sports-based climate action.”

Sterling Sports Inc. is not just a sports promoter; it’s a trailblazer in promoting growth, development, and unity across various sports disciplines. Committed to attracting, growing, retaining and developing talents, the organization’s impact reaches far beyond the competition arena. The championship aligns with the United Nations Sports for Climate Action Framework, affirming its dedication to sustainable practices and its role as a champion for climate action.

The tournament itself is poised to be a riveting showcase of talent and determination. In the Women’s Pools, formidable teams like Noga, Equity Hawks, Twende Ladies, Storms, Zetech Sparks, Th3 Swish team from Nakuru, Lady Titans, and ANU ladies are set to ignite the court with fierce matchups.

Cynthia Mawero a power forward from Equity Bank who believes in teamwork, dedication and communication is highly optimistic about the tournament. “We are coming from the off season and we are glad to use the Sterling Super Cup as a benchmark for how we are going to kick off the season which is just around the corner.”

On the Men’s side, the pools feature powerhouse teams including Dockers, Twende Men, Mustang, Ku, UON, Snipers, Hoop Tribe, Zetech Titans, ANU Men, and NBK, all ready to battle for supremacy and thrill the spectators.

Job Munene the head coach for Zetech Titans believes the team has all it takes. “I strongly believe my boys can do it, they have no way out all they have to do is perform.”

For those eager to be part of this extraordinary event, tickets are readily available. Students with valid ID can secure their entry for a mere 100 KSH, while regular gate tickets are priced at 300 KSH.

For an elevated experience, VIP tickets are on offer at 600 KSH, ensuring a premium perspective on the electrifying matches and the chance to be part of this remarkable initiative.

Stay connected with the live coverage of the championship on YouTube and Facebook, and witness firsthand the passion, talent, and transformative impact that basketball brings to the global stage.

The Sterling Super Cup Challenge 2023 is a call to action for a brighter, healthier, and united future.

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