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Steve Mbogo takes blogger Cyprian Nyakundi to court

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By Annette Amondi

2017 Starehe seat aspirant Steve Mbogo has filed a case against blogger Cyprian Nyakundi after he wrote what mbogo terms a defamatory article.

Last week, Nyakundi claimed that Mbogo had treated a certain lass to a lavish trip in Australia after his wife cheated on him.

Nyakundi even went ahead to reveal the identity of the said lass who went for the trip.

Moments after the article was picked by other blogs, Mbogo wrote to Nyakundi saying he would seek legal action against him.

Through his lawyer Velma Maumo, Mbogo has argued that Nyakundi is tarnishing his name and his image.

“The article written by the defendant to the utter prejudice of the plaintiff whose reputation has been and continues to be immensely damaged.”

“The same have been turned into objects of cyber bullying unless the orders herein are granted, at least in the interim to curtail further dissemination of the defamatory articles written by the respondents against the applicants,” he said

Mbogo has also argued that Nyakundi altered some of his photos to fit his story.


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