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Stevo Simple Boy arrested, set to be arraigned

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Rapper Stevo Simple boy spent the night in police custody following his arrest on Sunday.

Word is, the singer was arrested alongside his friends after a misunderstanding with the authorities.

The altercation allegedly started when the rapper’s friend Gideon Ngaira was apprehended for selling his merchandise along Ngong’ Road on Saturday.

Gideon was accused of idling at Friends’ Church and selling his goods without proper documentation.

Following the friend’s arrest, Simple Boy went to Kilimani Police Station to inquire why he had been arrested and that is when he was also arrested.

Stevo and his friends allegedly tried to negotiate their release with the police but the latter turned down their plight and told them to wait for arraignment on Monday.

According to a friend of the singer, Stevo simple boy had been shooting a music video when his friend was arrested.

“Gideon has been selling his stuff at that church for two years now and has never had issues. He and the church have an agreement. When Stivo went to the station, the authorities mocked him and claimed he thought he knew the law better than them. We did not cause any commotion and all we did was inquire where our friend was.” He said


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