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  • Stevo says he will buy Kajala a Piece of Land
  • Few weeks ago Stevo Simple Boy introduced his new girlfriend, Wanja Kihii to the public.

Kenyan Rapper Stevo Simple boy has openly expressed his romantic interest in Tanzanian socialite Fridah Kajala.

The “Vijana Tuache Mihadarati” hitmaker took to Instagram to make this declaration.

In his heartfelt Instagram post, Simple Boy revealed his intention to purchase a piece of land for Kajala in Kenya as an extravagant gift.

“Nimepata kitu kidogo nataka nichukulie @kajalafrida shamba @kikombanihomes,” he wrote

According to him, he recently got some funds and wanted to surprise the curvaceous Tanzanian beauty with this grand gesture.


The post included a picture of Kajala, accompanied by a clip of one of Simple Boy’s songs where he can be heard directly requesting her phone number.

“Unapenda dem unanunua maua, kesho kesho huyo ndio anakuua. Nimechoka sana nipe number ya Kajala…,” The lyrics of the song say.

Kajala, who was previously in a high-profile relationship with Tanzanian musician Harmonize, has yet to publicly respond to Simple Boy’s romantic overture

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Wanja Kihii

This unexpected development comes just weeks after Stevo Simple Boy introduced his new girlfriend, Wanja Kihii, to the public eye.

Speaking to the media about his relationship with Wanja Kihii, Simple Boy expressed his affection, saying Wanja Kihii was his sweetheart.

In turn, Wanja passionately declared, Stevo Simple Boy was the love of his life and was ready to settle down with him.”



September 3, 2023

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