• Kibera rapper Stevo Simple Boy paid tribute to his father in an emotional moment over the weekend.
  • His friends showed up to show support to one of their own
  • The Freshi Barida hitmaker introduced a woman to his family, claiming that was his wife.

Stevo Simple Boy has paid tribute to his late father in an emotional moment.

The funeral took place over the weekend, as his friends showed their support to him.

One friend encouraged Stevo about facing the loss of a parent, while another addressed mourners describing his deep friendship with the Kibera rapper.

“Sisi ni marafiki wa Steve tunasaidiana na Steve katika mziki na marafiki husimama saa ile kuna shida na sa ile kuna furaha . Saa ile kuna shida ndio tunasimama nawe, tumetoka mbali hadi tumefika hapa tumesemam asante. To Steve be strong these things happen, I am also an orphan so you have to be strong, Thank you.”


When it was his turn to speak, the Freshi Barida hitmaker introduced a woman to his family, claiming that was his wife.

In a video shared by a digital content creator Billy Omaset, one can hear the rapper speak about the unknown lady saying,

“Bwana asifiwe, kwa majina ni Stephen Otieno. Mimi ni kitinda mimba wa Antony Adera na nimetembea na mke wangu,” Stevo announced in a suprise moment.

The woman shyly greeted mourners and paid tribute to mzee. “Nasikia vibaya kupoteza baba mwenye alikuwa akinijali all the time, but ..” she was unable to conclude her tribute and walked away crying.

Watch the video down below


By Stella Anyango

February 13, 2023

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