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Stivo Simple Boy Finds The Love Of His Life


By Emmaline Owuor

Stivo Simple boy has revealed that he has found his better half after having been into fame for three years.

The singer claimed that he didn’t have pressure to look for a girl because he needed to find one that loves him for who he is but not his fame.

During an interview with Churchill, the ‘vijana tuache mihadarati’ hit maker said that his new girl Fridah (not her real name) is just from Kibera.

“There is this one person but we are still talking. She is still from Kibera.  I met her on the road, approached her and asked her if she knows and loved Stivo Simple Boy. I told her “nimekuzimia na tena nimekudata”. She told me we will talk another day and we exchanged numbers,” says Stivo.

The singer claimed that he did not fall in love but he first had to get to know the girl better. He also said that he went to visit the girl’s brother.

“If you want to know a true girl you have to go to their parents’’ house first. We went to her brother’s house since her parents are not in the city. I went and informed the brother who approved of our relationship,” added Stivo.

The Kibera finest also said that the two are planning to walk down the aisle once the coronavirus cases goes down.