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•MCSK Boss Ezekiel Mutua seconds Stivo Simple Boy for the Youths Ambassador position at MCSK

•NACADA (National Authority For The Campaign Against Alcohol And Drug Abuse)is also set to appoint Stivo Simple Boy as it’s ambassador in creating awareness against drug abuse

•A jolly Stivo Simple Boy looks forward to fulfilling his mandate while working for the two government entities

Help is finally bombarding Kibra bred rapper Stivo Simple Boy from left, right and center.

Off from being furnished a house by Mumias East Mp Peter Salasya,Stivo Simple Boy is set to become an ambassador for the youth courtesy of the Music Copyright Society Of Kenya.

The revelation was made by MCSK Boss, Ezekiel Mutua who recently learnt the plight of Stivo Simple Boy as he struggled to make ends meet.

“We’ve agreed that we pursue an agreement where he becomes an ambassador for the youth at MCSK so kuendeleza maswala ya muziki,kuturepresent katika mambo ya muziki na kadhalika,kuhimiza vijana na pia akitumia hii talanta yake na huu wimbo wake huo” stated Mutua

Mutua also paid for Stivo Simple Boy’s registration at MCSK so that in future he starts earning royalties from his music.

According to Mutua, he loved Stivo Simple Boy the first time he heard his song,Mihadarati during the former’s stint at Kenya Film Classification Board.

He had wanted to meet the rapper then and even sent his personal assistant to fetch him but as they say, God’s time is the best.

“Niliposkia wimbo wa Stivo wa kwanza,mara ya kwanza i think ilikuwa ni vijana muwache mihadarati and that time i was at Kenya Film Classification Board and i started liking him then infact, there’s a time i even sent my P.A and we were to meet so we’ve come a long way, I have admired his music, his talent, he’s a great guy “Explained Mutua partly.

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Nacada Appointment

Mutua further added that he had contacted Nacada to have Stivo become their face in combating drug abuse menace which has become a national disaster.

When he finally met with Stivo Simple Boy,the latter had showed his optimism to work with the entity in creative awareness against drug abuse.

“I’ve called Nacada and I’ve already started arrangements to have a meeting with them because he has said he wants to become an ambassador for the campaign against drug abuse as you’re aware this is a big menace,a national disaster” continued Mutua partly

As for Stivo Simple Boy,it was a dream come true to work with Nacada as he had foreseen it from the onset he dropped the song,Mihadarati

“Kufanya kazi na nacada nilikuwa nayo tangu kitambo so wakati nilitoa hiyo ngoma ya mihadarati so nikasema Mungu atetee nifanye kazi na Nacada hatimaye Mungu ametenda so wacha tuhope for the best mambo itendeke vizuri  tufanye kazi vizuri tuelimishe vijanaa mambo ikue salama” Stated Stivo

Mutua maintained that MCSK had mainstreamed royalty payments and the body is dedicated in seeing creatives earn handsomely from their creations.

The MCSK Boss further affirmed that products that sell globally are products that are tailor made to suit family.

Stivo Simple Boy churned the song,Mihadarati five years ago and has amassed 1 million views on YouTube and still counting.

By Steve Osaka.

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