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Stivo Simple Boy Responds To Claims That His Management Is Exploiting Him


Musician Stivo Simple boy has responded to allegations that he is being exploited by his management.

The musician said that he is in good relations with his manager Geofrrey Oyoo and that they have not had any issues.

According to Stivo Simple Boy, the screenshots going round are fake and that people are trying to chase clout using his name.

The ‘Mihadarati’ hit maker also gave the unknown person permission to investigate to get his facts right.

“Ata mimi nimeshangaa manze kuingia online naona vitu zinaenda tu kombokombo. It is not true mimi naweza sema hiyo ni kiki, huyo mtu ameandika hiyo kitu anafanya kiki na mimi na mimi ni mtu ambaye anapenda ukweli so kama huyo mtu mwenye ameandika hiyo kitu akuje afanye ushunguzi na kama ni ukweli nitaambia wakenya na kama pia si ukweli tutaona kitu ya kufanya,” said Stivo.

On the other hand, his manager also said that people are trying to bring down Stivo because they did not expect him to succeed.

“I have seen the screenshots. It is unfortunate that we try every day to bring each other down. That is propaganda being advanced by those who were not ready for Simple Boy’s success. He came to the industry and has been giving the perceived bigshots a run for their money. They have to find a way to bring him down,” Oyoo said.

According to the screen shots Stivo’s management was exploiting him by paying him peanuts after his shows.

The anonymous person also claimed that the musician lived in a mud house in Kibera, Nairobi County.