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  • Stivo Simple Boy’s former management team,Mib Africa agrees to give him full rights to his music and social media accounts
  • Mib Africa downplays mistreatment allegations
  • Confirms being in good books with Stivo Simple Boy

Following Stivo Simple Boy pointing an accusing finger at his former label Mib Africa for mistreatment and mismanagement, the label has come forward rubbishing the allegations.

Through their creative director, Vaga Genius Mib Africa maintained that the allegations were false despite them working tooth and nail in seeing the growth of Stivo Simple Boy.

“The allegations were wrong… the label was doing whatever they needed to do and take the responsibility they needed despite going an extra mile” stated Vaga partly

In addition, Vaga revealed that Stivo Simple Boy will have all the rights to his music including his social media accounts without being charged a penny by the stable.

“Let’s not charge anything or start giving emails and letters of our demands and we’ve agreed to give 100 percent rights on all the music’s that we ever produced with that guy, we’re giving him 100 percent rights on them” Said Vaga

Vaga further added that the termination contract has a grace period of 35 days of which they are ready to offer Stivo any kind of support he needs.

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Stivo Is Unprofessional

According to Vaga,Stivo’s choice of ranting online about his woes with the label together with his wife was unprofessional.

He disclosed that their offices were open and ready for talks.

“On a professional level the way they addressed this was wrong because i think we have our offices and everything i wish they could just raise it and we just follow the right path to the conclusion” He continued partly

No Bad Blood

Despite the back and forth between Stivo and his former label,Mib Africa,Vaga went ahead and clarified that they hold nothing against the Kibra bred rapper.

To them, their joy is in seeing the Makasisi rapper thrive beyond unimaginable heights.

“Our relationship with him is good, not me only the whole team is good and we’re happy that he’s a free man right now and we just wanna see him akisonga mbele,hatumuombei sana arudi nyuma” He further noted

As he summed up, Vaga stated that a label is business oriented aimed at making profits after investing in an artist.

Therefore, an artist needs patience before he can start seeing the fruits of his work.

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