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  • President of Kenya Editors Guild maintains that journalists are doing their work professionally and in case of any complaint use the right channel.
  • Journalist are going through financial challenges they need support to cover investigative stories.

The president of the Kenya Editors Guild Zubeida Koome has come out boldly to defend journalists from top government officials that claim journalists are corruptio and biased.

Speaking during the  role of media again fight corruption , Koome said that  journalists are doing their work professionally and in case there is any incidents of bias or corruption amongst  journalists then the right procedure must be followed.

“They now say we demand money for us to cover their events. We don’t demand money from anyone to cover an event. We are living in a digital event not everyone you see with a camera is a journalist. And in case you see one kindly report. We have a lot of umbrella bodies that will address that,” said Koome.

Koome further said that journalists are facing financial challenges hence they need funding from grants, fellowship among others to help them in doing their work effectively.

“Media is struggling, sustaining media is  a night mare journalist go for months and days without salary finance support through grants, fellowship and awards can encourage journalist to provide in depth reporting on corruption cases,” added Koome.

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