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  • Darasa has told off Kenyans over the recent debate on Tanzanian artists not promoting their collaborations with Kenyans stars.
  • Kenyans had pointed an accusing finger at Darasa for releasing his newest song ‘I Don’t Care’ when his collaboration with Nadia Mukami was still new in the market.
  • Darasa sorted his issues with music streaming platforms and he’s now among the artists whose music is streamed the most.

High flying Tanzanian rapper Darasa has told off Kenyans over their recent debate that Bongo artists don’t promote their collaborations with Kenyan stars.

According to Darasa, who revealed that he enjoys a good support system in Kenya, went ahead and lashed at Kenyans to stop being ‘cry babies’.

He wondered what else Kenyans wanted when he had gone out of his way and supported the project wholeheartedly.

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Apart from promoting the song on his social media networks, he disclosed that he was present and represented Nadia during the video shoot while she was away.

He had also briefed Nadia on his follow-up song ‘I Don’t Care’ which had attracted snears from Kenyans.

How would a collaboration with another artist stop me from doing me? he quipped.

“Let me make this one thing clear, yani kwanza nawashkuru sana wakenya ni moja kati ya sehemu ambayo napata support kubwa, msingi wangu mkubwa wa  uimara haujatengenezwa na Tanzania peke yake umetengenezwa na wakenya pia…Kitu kimoja ambayo pengine tunakisahau ‘huu ni mziki’, ‘hii ni biashara kama biashara nyingine’ cha kwanza, cha pili support ambayo nimetoa kwa Nadia ata yeye mwenyewe asimame anaweza kusema nimejitoa kiasi kikubwa sana kuandaa  hiyo project kuitengeneza na kila kitu…Tukiwa watu wa ku complain, tukiwa watu wa kulaumulaumu  hatuwezi kujenga” he stated partly.

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Most Streamed Artist

Darasa further disclosed that he had sorted out his issues with music streaming platforms such as Boomplay and You Tube.

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With that taken care of, he’s among the most streamed artists in East and Central Africa.

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