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“Stop Blaming the President” Vera Sidika speaks on Coronavirus


Socialite cum business woman Vera Sidika has asked Kenyans to stop blaming the president amid the Corona Virus crisis.

According to Vera, letting in planes from China is not the problem instead, all flights should be banned.

“So many people busy blaming the President for letting the flight from China into the country and that’s dumb. Been debating with everyone telling me this and they think they make sense, honestly if anything was to be done at all would be to cancel all flights from everywhere not just one route how do y’all even reason”  she said

Vera shared a screenshot of her conversation with someone debating why banning the Chinese flights is not the solution.

“Now China planes has stopped but the one from UK is allowed in still bringing the virus, You can’t control the situation at all, People should stop blaming the Government” she said