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‘Stop Choosing  Jobs’ Statehouse Tells Youths

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State House has dismissed narrative that the government is not doing enough to address youths unemployment in the country.

In an exclusive interview with Ghetto Radio News StateHouse spokesperson Kanze Dena says they have created Ajira an online platform to alert youths every job opportunity by the government  and in the private sector.

He further warned youths  with tendency of going for white collar jobs only ,saying the trend is derailing youth development in the county.

‘’Please as youths lets strive and go for these available jobs. As government we have equipped our  vocational training centers  just to ensure our youths are skillful and they can depend on themselves  after acquiring relevant skills at these institutions.’’ She stated.

She further notes that the government   has come up with the Employment Authority of Kenya that  is currently collecting data from all unemployed youths and  data from employers  just to facilitate youth employment.

‘’We are are trying as government but please lets us go for those available jobs even if it’s Jua kali. We enrolled various building constructions under the affordable housing projects. Go for those jobs nobody will ask for work experience at the site.’’ She reiterated.

Some publications have put youth unemployment at 90% of all unemployed Kenyans, while a September 2018 statistical update by the United Nations Development Programme placed Kenya’s youth unemployment rate at 26.2% in 2017. This was for those aged 15 to 24.


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