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‘Stop Giving Nonsense’ Caroline Mutoko Tells Her Critics

Media personality Caroline Mutoko has stood has defended her position with regards to Matatus being allowed on the Nairobi Expressway.

According to Mutoko, matatus are known for a lot of indiscipline on the roads hence must not be allowed to freely operate on the expressway.

“Stop giving nonsense, when I say we are courting trouble, we are, and you know am right. Shame on you for making this about anything but lives. This is about lives and the fact that we are blood-letting on this Expressway. Kabla we wake up and get serious, tutaua wengi,” she warned. You will not get me to back down on one thing, that having PSVs on the Expressway without insisting they have speed governors is courting trouble and this cannot be about the vehicles, this is about the passengers,” she said.

Mutoko was responding to a backlash she got after her comments that Kenya is courting trouble by allowing matatus on the expressway.

“Wait…we now have matatus on the expressway? Courting trouble…” she commented after an Embassava Matatu caused accident on the Expressway on Monday.

Some people who commented on the post suggested that Caroline was creating a social class division between the rich and the poor.

But through a video on her social media, Caroline told off netizens who came at  her after the comment on Twitter.

She went on and stated that there was no problem at all with PSVs being on the Expressway, but on condition that their speed governors are back on.

“I want to talk about the myopia of anybody thinking that my concern about PSVs being on the Expressway is about PSVs. It is about the fact that as a people we are indisciplined, as Nairobians we are grossly indisciplined, PSVs in Nairobi are massively indisciplined. We are courting trouble,” she noted.

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Caroline added that most Kenyans are not cautious while driving therefore threatening innocent lives.

She asked Kenyans to be more watchful when using the expressway otherwise the accidents would still occur.

“We cannot be trusted to behave. We have already proved it, I don’t know how many times Mlolongo is going to be built and rebuilt. In this country and in this city, PSVs, tunangoja siku ile gari itatoka uko juu, iende chini, mark my words.”

By Stella Anyango