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Stop Politicizing Health Services- Mama Lucy Workers Tell Senators


Health workers at the Mama Lucy Hospital have warned politicians against politicising health services.

Nairobi Secretary General for Clinical Health Workers Union Tom Nyakaba says that the recent comments by the Senate to close Mama Lucy have negatively affected health workers at the hospital.

Nyakaba says that the comments have turned the public against workers at the hospital hence giving them a poor working environment.
“Politicians should stop politicising health services. We want to categorically say that health can never go hand in hand with politics,” said Nyakaba.

Nyakaba further stated that instead of politicising health services the senate should instead ensure that devolution works.

“If they did their job well, they would strengthen devolution by ensuring that the health sector receives good financing.

“This should start from infrastructure, enough personnel and even medicine.”

Nyakaba says that Mama Lucy is the only hospital in the entire Eastlands area that takes care of more than 2000 people per day.
“Mama Lucy does not have enough doctors or even a single ICU bed. The hospital lacks the capacity,” stated Nyakaba.

According to Nyakaba, the issues bedeviling the hospital are also being experienced in many other Level 5 hospitals in Nairobi.


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