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“Stop Taking Videos, Fight Back” Atwoli Tells Abused Workers


COTU Secretary General Francis Atwoli has urged Kenyans who are being humiliated by their foreign employers to retaliate.

Speaking at a media briefing Atwoli stated that the Kenyan victims should at least try and defend themselves by fighting back  and hitting them before reporting to the authorities.

“This goes to all employees in Kenya, the first thing to do is fight back, fight him back because you cannot let someone humiliate you in your own country. Stop taking videos, bite them and wrestle them to the ground,” said Atwoli.

Atwoli says that the foreign employers are used to humiliating Kenyans because they know that once they are reported to the police, they will bribe their way out.

“You cannot live in a country and work for someone who is assaulting you and at the same time paying you badly and overworking you,” said Atwoli.

He also praised the government for deporting the Chinese Officers who were caught assaulting Kenyans.