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Storm As Sonko’s Officials Show Up In Public Participation Meeting With 2019 Budget


Members of the public today stormed out of public participation  meeting at Charter Hall  after they discovered that the Fiscal Strategy Paper 2020   Budget Document was a 2019 duplicate.

The citizens who had showed up in the public participation meeting were supplied with copies of 2019 documents immediately sparking tension.

The meeting was called off swiftly by Nairobi County Government  officials who evaded tough queries from the members of the public who needed to know why they were being taken for a ride to  rubber stamp the process.

‘‘Let’s go, let’s go….we shall not allow , these officials want us to rubbers stamp a shambolic process, The County Government of Nairobi must know that we are not stupid,’’ they chanted.

According to the group led by Jeremy Opar of   International  Center  For Policy  most of the projects in this year’s fiscal strategy paper, were there in 2019 and  have never been implemented  and  their allocations  misappropriated.

‘‘The whole processes was a fraud, the county employees were too lazy to prepare documents. They copy pasted even the programme for 2019. Citizens are moving to court on Monday to seek redress on the county violation of public participation and nullify today validation,’’ he said.